Managed Transportation Services

When your freight program needs a full overhaul so you can stay competitive in today’s high-cost shipping market, FreightWise Cost Management can help.

Benefits with FreightWise Cost Management

Supply Chain Design

Save up to 20-30% on costs. We assess your modes, routes, and tariffs to help optimize your supply chain and negotiate better rates through our buying power.


Hit the ground running. We implement and configure our modern FreightWise TMS with your rates, contracts, and system integrations.

Freight audit and Payment SERVICES

Ease your AP department’s burden. We can manage, pay, and audit 100% of your freight invoices to find you even more cost savings.

Cost Management Features and Benefits

overall cost savings
of freight invoices audited
savings found through audits

Blog Posts

Cost Savings

How to Choose an LTL Carrier: Types, Considerations, and More

When managing your supply chain operations and logistics performance, it’s important to be aware of which carriers you are leveraging for fulfillment and the core strengths of their coverage. Often a single-threaded approach with one LTL carrier is not the best way to optimize your logistics costs.

Logistics Strategy

How Does LTL Pricing Work? A Quick Guide

LTL pricing is complex. There are many factors that are taken into account when pricing a shipment, primarily centered around how much space a shipment takes up on a truck and how much the shipment weighs. This brings us to the topic of NMFC classes- a critical component of getting best-in-class rates.

Cost Savings

Thinking Outside the Box: LTL, Multiweight, Hundredweight, and Ground with Freight

There was a time when choosing the mode for a less than truckload shipment was easy: less than 150 lbs = parcel, 150 lbs or more = LTL. Rising freight costs and new service offerings have made this decision more complicated.

Discover how a leading meal delivery systems manufacturer saved over $1.8 million in freight spend and 4,200 labor hours annually.
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Learn how this Southern distributor reduced its LTL spend by 28% and parcel spend by 26% annually over a three-year period.
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A publicly traded Midwestern manufacturer repurposed 60 employee hours each week and saved 25% on LTL and 28% on parcel annually over three years.
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