FreightWise TMS

Control costs, streamline operations, and meet your customers’ high expectations with a best-in-class transportation management platform.

Top-Tier Transportation Management Starts with Technology

Modernize your supply-chain management with the purpose-built, mobile-friendly FreightWise Transportation Management System (TMS).

FreightWise TMS brings data, decisions, and documents to your fingertips in a better way. Enable every division – Logistics, Operations, Customer Service, Sales and Finance – to serve your customers in a superior way.

Older Interface FreightWise TMS
Left: An older tab- and pull-down-based transportation management system.
Right: The superior user experience of FreightWise TMS.

FreightWise TMS Benefits


Manage your entire order-to-ship-to-pay process in a single system.


Automate mode, carrier, route, and insurance according to your business rules and tariffs.


FreightWise can integrate with your ERP, WMS, OMS, carriers, and more.


A single record for each order means more organized processes and less manual reconciliation and data entry work.

intelligent INSIGHTS

Granular reports on easy-to-use dashboards for proactive management.

better CUSTOMER Experience

Automate shipment notifications so your customers always feel connected.

FreightWise TMS - carrier rate quotes

All the Freight Information You Need at Your Fingertips

  • Manifest, route, and track shipments throughout their supply chain.
  • Get a single-source view for all documents related to an order.
  • Rate shop between Parcel, Hundredweight, Ground With Freight, Multiweight, LTL, and TL.
  • Benchmark spot rates and find TL capacity via digital freight broker integration.
  • See both inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Track unpaid invoices to know where your cash is going.

Smart Automation for Better Management

  • Build in tariffs and rates for favored carriers.
  • Plan orders into shipments, and collaborate electronically with carriers.
  • Dynamic routing per shipment ensures least-cost carrier selection and the correct transportation mode are chosen for every shipment, every time.
  • Automatically notify customers when products ship or have arrival updates.
  • Create business rules for automatically adding insurance to high-risk or high-cost products.
  • Enforce policy compliance across branches, locations, and vendors through rules and automation.
FreightWise TMS - lowest cost carrier automation
Freightwise TMS - business intelligence dashboard

Business Intelligence that Leads to Savings

  • Easily see when least-cost carriers aren’t selected so you can learn why. 
  • Track carrier performance to learn which have the highest rates of lost packages, damaged shipments, and erroneous invoices.
  • Uncover how much you save through audits.
  • View year-over-year or quarter-over-quarter spend trends.

System and Carrier Integrations for Streamlined Operations

  • Integrate with most ERP, OMS, TMS, and WMS systems so you can manage all transportation tasks in a single system.
  • Bring in API feeds from carriers so you can make pick-up calls, print labels, track incoming and outgoing shipments, and more, from the FreightWise TMS.
  • Get multi-carrier and mode rating support for your e-commerce platform, including Magento.
  • Integration with systems including Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Infor, SAP, WorkWise, Epicor, Oracle JD Edwards, Automatica, and more.
FreightWise TMS - carrier integrations

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