About Us


FreightWise was founded to fill a gap in the transportation space by providing a SaaS platform that solves challenges in clients’ visibility, optimization, manual processes and cost. By leveraging technology, innovation, agile development, and industry expertise, we tightly integrate with our clients’ existing infrastructure to reduce time, money and resources spent on shipping.

We are ready to serve clients in all verticals, in all states, and of all sizes.


How it Works


Carriers On Our Side

It's no secret, more volume means better pricing. Although you may have competitive rates today, our program brings big savings due to our carrier volume.


Industry Knowledge

Our industry experts are at your disposal. Instantly, you'll have deep mode expertise using their knowledge to stack the odds in your favor. They are armed with data, resources, and cutting edge tools. Their mission is to save you money and provide you with insight into your supply chain.


Transportation Technology

Months to implement, expensive, and five days of training... that's not us! We have a cloud-based self service solution that is so user friendly, a five year old could use it. We focus on building the right solution to provide the best business value. Want to integrate to an ERP, CRM, or WMS? No problem; R&D is always top of mind.