Spot Quote for Full Truckload



Does this sound familiar?

Send an email with your load info to a mailing list of carriers, brokers and a few mom and pop shops.

Receive 17 emails in different formats.

Start scribbling rates and names on a piece of paper to figure out whose rate is the best.

Send a reply to the best rate saying that you’ll accept their bid.

Get a reply 4 hours later saying that the truck is no longer available.

Scramble to find the piece of paper that you threw away 3 hours ago, dig up the next best quote email, send an email hoping that their quote is still valid.


Finding the best truckload price is like herding cats.

There’s a better way.

Spot Quote is an all-in one platform that streamlines the entire process. Simply add your contacts’ email addresses, fill out the form describing your freight, hit send, and watch the replies roll into our system cleanly formatted and stack-ranked.

You can accept a bid, message your usual broker letting them know that their bid is too high, send a message to everyone involved letting them know of a last minute change, all with a few easy clicks. We do not mark up freight quotes; what you see is what you get.

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